Marissa Macias, MMT

I’m an Educator and Manual Movement Therapist with a thriving private practice in Ottawa, IL. I’ve been a Nationally Board Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist since 2003.

The Rabbit Hole.

I took a trip through Wonderland, down the rabbit hole, that is the human Nervous System and Psyche and have yet to reach the bottom. Still falling. Still discovering. Still educating myself, my clients, and my students in this evolutionary practice. There’s comfort in knowing that the more I know, the more I don’t know, and that creates opportunity to grow, to fail, and to learn.

Personal quirks.

My husband and I have two absolutely amazing Spawn. It’s a total trip helping them grow into good humans. I love Alice in Wonderland (obvi). The ocean calls to me and I feel at home in the water. Pizza and Doughnuts over Abs any day. And zombies.

Feeling curious?