Hey there, problem solver. I get it, you want to be the go-to person in your area with top notch skills and the knowledge to back it up. You want to help your humans get out of pain fast and optimize their performance. And you know that working with the Nervous System is the key, but it all seems so complicated.

Gently and purposefully work with the Nervous System to create positive changes.

Devise a strategy for each individual. Effective treatment relies on effective assessments.

Understand and communicate how and why the Nervous System responds the way it does.

the big secret - there is too much or too little

Here's the thing...
Humans overcomplicate everything. And it's not that complicated.

What'cha waiting for? read on!

Did I just peak your interest?

Introduce neurocycling. Teach the Nervous System to explore its' available range of motion while avoiding protective responses. Create symptomatic change effortlessly.



Sensorimotor Feedback guides your FMT assessments. Restore neuroconnectivity, reduce sensitivity, and improve mobility with gentle neuromods.




Learn to assess and address the Nervous System's global and local triggers creating protective responses. Enhance safety and reduce false positives in your FMT practice.


Nervvy is a thought process that enhances & applies to everything you already do.

The secret is the simple 3 step system

If you are a curious, get it done movement explorer, but you just need a little extra help leveling up your superpowers, the Nervvy sensorimotor framework is the roadmap you've been looking for!

You're tired of losing your spark and drive for what you do. You want to break out and choose your own adventure.

The idea of another course that doesn't fit your practice overwhelms you.

You've been using muscle testing in practice and are frustrated with your results.

You know there's no one thing for everyone.

Is Nervvy right for ME?

you might be wondering...


Katy Kass

The whole process is fluid and efficient. Plus, it's incredibly effective and powerful.

The Movement Studio

Elyse Koskela

The content is stellar. I love the simplicity of the neuro concepts. The workshop culture was amazing.


Kristen Thomason

I had my first full Nervvy session and it went so well I cried. This is what I was meant to do!

These success stories could be you

Nope. Nervvy is anti brain leakage. Complex ideas and applications don't need to be taught in a complex manner. There is no 'look at the big brains on Brad' here. As one Expert Explorer said, "Nervvy is fantastic exposure to new people who haven't had any neuro experience, as well as people who are looking for a new angle." We got you.

I'm a complete noob. is this going to destroy me?


Absolutely. Nervvy uses Functional Muscle Testing to open the lines of communication with the Nervous System and as a way to collect information. 

Do i need to know muscle testing to take nervvy?


Not at all. You can integrate whatever testing style suits you. The Functional Muscle Testing course is intended for those just getting started or for those looking for a quick refresher. The only required course to take the Nervvy Workshop is #protectthehuman.

Do i have to take the Functional Muscle Testing course if I already know muscle testing?


It is the Foundation of what you will use in the Workshop. You will be able to explore the material and see if it's useful to you prior to continuing on. You also get to see if your learning style and my teaching style mesh.

Why is #protectthehuman required prior to taking the workshop?


I believe in people first. I choose not to have anyone in our community that is not satisfied with the process. If you purchase and realize that it’s not right for you, I’ll refund your entire purchase price (minus processing fees) with no hard feelings. Simply send an email request within 14 days of purchasing.

and What happens if I get started and realize that it's not for me?


#protectthehuman has an online forum that you will be automatically added to upon enrollment to get support. The other online courses have email support. You will be invited to the Nervvy FB Group after the Workshop.

Is there an online community that will help me along the way?


Frequently Asked Questions

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