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Five seats of every Workshop are reserved for Explorers to revisit the info and help others take it all in.

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Strategy enhanced mini courses to dive into specific topics of interest curated by the community.

Expert Explorer Courses

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Every month we explore a new topic. Ask questions, get feedback, and continue to inspire others! Available online and in person.

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Get instant access to all of our pre-recorded lessons so that you can easily learn what you need, when you need it!

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Actively help your clients help themselves by teaching them self-care.


Gain an understanding of how the Systems work together and respond.


Hone your intuition while opening communication between Systems.


Many TMJ issues can be Psychosomatic, but we can desensitize the symptoms.


Confidently and comfortably learn to address pelvic floor disorders with your clients.

Pelvic Floor

Assess for post-concussive symptoms, brain fog, vision and vestibular issues, etc.

Cranial Nerves

Understand when and why we would look to balancing the energy of the organs.


The Plexi nerves are assessed in detail to have quick access for review.

Plexi review

Just a few topics that we cover inside the Community

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Dr Raul Pistakee

I just had a bomb ass Nervvy session with a stubborn patient. I love this group.

Reclaim Vitality

Laura Pagel-Stratton

You fiercely nourish your community and those in it in a way I have never experienced before.

Physical Therapist

Dr Tamra Taylor

High priority, high value, great return when it involves the Nervvy Neuro Nerdy sandbox!!

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