Using movement, global and local patterns as well as functional muscle testing, we can assess the Nervous System and reintroduce efficient processing to reduce pain and improve function. We are able to create an environment for the body to heal itself.

Results Based.

MMT sessions use markers of change to evaluate results. We are looking to increase fluidity and speed of movement, increase range of motion, and decrease sensitivity. We strive to ensure these results carry over into your daily routines.

Goal Oriented.

We set clear goals so we both know what you are looking to achieve. We discuss the reality and responsibility of these goals. We are flexible with our options in achieving these goals and always strive to positively move forward.

Our Therapeutic Alliance.

My role as your Therapist is to provide education and insight, to guide and support you in finding balance by discovering the missing pieces holding you back in your recovery, performance, and general well being.



If it affected part of you, it affected all of you. A thorough history often leads to the source.



Inefficient movement patterns are assessed locally and globally with functional muscle testing.



The Systems seek safety and balance. Interventions are applied with purpose to decrease hypersensitivity.



It takes considerable effort and commitment to create change. Targeted activities will be advised.

I’d love to work with you.

Your FAQs.

Masks are required. If you experience symptoms or are not feeling well, please reschedule your appointment. Cancellation fees are being waived at this time at my discretion. 30 days requested between exposure and sessions.

On average, clients experience noticeable change within the first session. For some it can take 3-5 sessions.

It entirely depends on the severity and length of time you’ve been experiencing symptoms combined with the effort you put in at home with the self-care activities given in session. The framework builds upon each previous session to continue progressing forward.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur c. clarke

Most of us don’t have an advanced understanding of how to work with the Nervous System and apply it to functional movement. I assure you, it’s weird, but in the most neuroscientific way possible.

My practice is a relaxed, respectful, non-judgmental space for anyone and everyone committed to prioritizing their health and well being. All ages, body types, religions, races/ethnicities, gender identities, sexual orientations, cultures, and disabilities are welcome here. Pain and movement inefficiencies are non-discriminatory and so is my approach.

Unfortunately insurance companies do not support the type of work I provide or the frequency of work that I suggest. HSA cards are accepted.

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