Nervvy Workshop Hosted By
VOLITION in Tempe, AZ August 17-18, 2024

Nervvy Workshop Hosted By
VOLITION in Tempe, AZ August 17-18, 2024

For the brain whisperers, puzzle solvers, body talkers, and forever curious human helpers. For the Expert Explorers and for those that want to be.

A Nervous System first Approach

You want to be *the* go-to therapist.

Helping your humans get out of pain fast and enhancing their functional movement ability is the secret sauce in becoming that targeted treatment therapist.

But knowing how to streamline your approach with all the amazing tools you've collected over the years is not your strong suit. And you know you could be more effective if you could get to the main issue faster, but you have no idea how to do it. If you're a get it done movement therapist, but could use a little extra help figuring out how all the pieces fit together, Nervvy is probably what you're looking for.

THE Magic


Learn to work with the Nervous System safely and efficiently by reducing threat.


Stabilize faulty motor control patterns via functional muscle testing.


Encourage positive movement explorations to complement your treatments. 

Threats + Balances

Is at the heart of a Nervvy approach.

When you wade through all the complexity and get to the meat of it, there is either too much or there is too little. By learning to listen to the Nervous System you will understand that it wants to show you where to go to establish balance. Nervvy gives you the tools to help you discover where to make the most impact for your people.

What if you could offer high impact treatments while still encouraging creativity and honing your intuition? Wouldn't that be INCREDIBLE?!

you will explore:


A Global Checklist to verify your human is testable and so are you!


Testing local and dynamic movements to reduce false positives in local MMT.


Using the sensorimotor system to tell you where the current priority is.


A gentle tissue technique that exhausts receptors and your clients can do on their own.

this is for you.

This was an amazing & exciting body of information to receive! 


- Laura, Embody Center

The PRocess


Secure Your Spot

There's a one time investment of $700 to register for the 2 day hands-on Nervvy Workshop.


Online Jumpstart

Get immediate access to the online portion and start implementing the work right away.


Ongoing Ass Kicking

After the Workshop you'll get continued support through our FB Group and online reviews.

By the end of the workshop


+ Follow a brain based protocol

+ unlock your potential (iykyk)

+ establish 'priority' faster

+ Assess the Plexi

Sound like it's a fit?

Let's do this thing →

Nervvy has changed my practice, results with my clients, plus referrals!

Awesome modality in the toolbox.

- Charlie, Dept of Applied Medicine & Rehabilitation ISU

Therapist & Educator


Kinda feel like we're already friends? Good! Me, too.

I've learned a lot of incredibly valuable information from many brilliant people over my 20+ year career. One thing is certain, I'm not a fan of overly complex, bloated courses that leave you more confused, wasting time and money. I created Nervvy to simplify complex thought processes inspired by numerous other systems.

Do I really need to know muscle testing to take this course?

To get the most out of the full protocol, yes. However, some will be able to learn as they go.


Am I going to need to take different levels to get all the information?

Absolutely not. I believe in giving all the tools necessary to make high impact changes immediately. One weekend, limitless potential.

Will I get anything out of this if I've already taken advanced Neuro courses?

A different way of looking at and doing things to achieve similar results. Send me an email and we'll discuss.

Is there any scientific research to back any of this up?

Science is the observation, experimentation, and the testing of theories. Some accepted, some not.

Are there any continuing education credits available at this time?

No. There are no certifications or credits with this class. Pure love of learning and sharing.

Is there an online option if dates and location don't work for me?

Absolutely. You can find the online course here. It's all the same info without the hands-on experience.

Imagine where you'll be a year from now!


I can't wait to help you achieve your goals and level up your practice!