Psychosomatic experiences are very real. Every aspect of your life is influenced by the subconscious mind without judgment or criticism, without reason or logic. The weight carried from these experiences create a multitude of symptoms. Neuroemotional work helps to decrease these responses so you are better able to manage your emotional responses, improve your coping mechanisms, and provide mental clarity.

Mental and Emotional Stresses Contribute to Physical Pain.

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— This work is not talk therapy. There is no need to verbally express your subconscious exploration. This does not replace the valuable work of your Mental Health Specialist. It enhances it by removing these blocks.

— Deeper subconscious work is available to those that have benefited from Neuroemotional sessions.

— The energy of organs and the emotions they hold are balanced.

— Assessing eye vectors helps us establish which particular facet of a memory is not processing well.

— Neuroemotional work evaluates your subconscious protective/threat responses of the Nervous System.

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