Going through life thinking it's all in your head?

What you're feeling is real.

Neuroemotional exploration assesses physical holding patterns to help resolve past traumas contributing to your current situation.

You're stronger than you think.

Modern pain science acknowledges that physical pain and mental or emotional pain are closely intertwined and can not be separated from one another.

The symptoms that result from this is known as psychosomatic pain and it is very real. It is not your imagination that in times of increased stress your body starts to ache more than normal. Or that obsessive thoughts intrude. These subconscious holding patterns influence every aspect of your life without judgment or criticism, without reason or logic. It is trying to keep you safe and help you through the next obstacle. While it is trying to be helpful it can create more unresolved issues.

real results

"The most incredible experience of my life!"

I was looking for a solution for a hurt back when I “stumbled” across this incredible woman. Not only has my original quest of healing for my back been satisfied, but a trip down the rabbit hole has given me the greatest mental & emotional healing ever through functional neuroplasticity treatment. I’m excited for the progress & look forward to what’s to come! I highly recommend Marissa Macias to everyone!

- Lisa


"Highly recommend. Marissa is professional, knowledgeable, and keeps it real with you."

I came to her originally for neck, back and shoulder pain. Marissa was able to help me think back to any trauma my body experienced, as time goes by we forget what our bodies have been through. Marissa was able to help clear the issues I was having after just a few visits!

- Sue




Your body is always trying to communicate with you.


The sensations or feelings that have been assigned to these patterns.


A subtle shift occurs, moments of release and relief, with growth.

Normalize this...

Humans are messy and your feelings are valid.

If it affected part of you, it affected all of you. Our logical mind can struggle to make sense out of it all, but emotion does not equal logic. The subconscious mind could be struggling to make sense out of the threats of past experiences which directly influences our current experiences.

But what if you were better able to manage your emotional responses, improve your coping mechanisms, and gain mental clarity?

what it's not:


A replacement or substitute for your mental health provider.


Talk therapy. Your body does the talking while the subconscious guides.


Removing the event, how you experienced it, or your feelings about it.


Unless in therapy, it's not suitable for addictions or those who self-harm.

therapy is for everyone

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the


- Desmond Tutu



Eye Vectors

As in similar therapies, eye vectors are assessed to discover what part of the memory has unresolved trauma.



Organ Energy Psychology is the bridge connecting the physical, energetic, and psychological experience.



Shifts happen when the body is heard. With this new awareness you are able to create change going forward.

It's OK to

Neuroemotional work is suitable for all ages. It can be especially beneficial for teens. Some seek to work with me specifically for this service, but it is integrated naturally into the MMT sessions as needed. If we are brought to an emotional attachment, it is entirely up to you how we proceed.

Emotions are hard and can be even harder when your body stores them.

feel the feelings.

Let's get #shiftfaced!

When you're ready

Shift into ease by exploring what your body has been trying to help you understand for so long.

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