Nervous System + Savvy = NERVVY

Explore and learn at your own pace.

This approach to a Nervvy practice is developed over time between online courses and the weekend workshop.

Step 1


Functional Muscle Testing is our way to communicate with the Nervous System.

Step 2


Begin learning how to let Sensorimotor feedback guide your sessions.

Step 3


Working with the Systems to assess and address safety triggers.

Step 4

Nervvy Workshop

Rounding out the protocol and adding the ‘motor’ in sensorimotor.


All the questions.

The idea of a Nervvy practice is open to anyone looking to start working with a Nervous System First approach. Nervvy is ideal for practitioners looking to enhance their muscle testing practices. If you have a curious mind and are eager to learn and play, this process is for you.

  • Simplified explanations
  • Playful explorations.
  • No brainsplosions.

If you do not have training in muscle testing and want to start learning this process, I will be launching an online Functional Muscle Testing course soon.

If you have taken and excelled with any advanced functional neurology courses and were able to understand and apply the information with ease, this is not for you. If you are strictly an evidence-based practice or require a research paper trail, this is not for you.

  • These are not detailed anatomy courses.
  • These are not in-depth neurology courses.
  • These are not evidence-based.

All material within my courses are an evolution of thoughts, ideas, theories, applications of others both inside and outside the pain science world. Some have received validation and some are still seeking validation. Science works through observation and experimentation. This is why I refer to it as #voodooscience

When I began exploring these ideas I conducted my own ‘blind study’. I asked a number of colleagues with various backgrounds and skillsets to, “Try this and let me know what happens.”. They did not receive any guidance on what I was expecting or hoping to have happen as the result. They provided valuable insight in that their results continued to reflect my own. Observation. Experimentation. Adapt forward.

You must have training in muscle testing prior to taking any of these courses. The only online course that is required prior to taking the Nervvy Workshop is #protectthehuman.

The reason for this is fairly simple. Have you ever taken a course that was too much muchness? As the Beta Testers, aka Founding Members, started processing the material we quickly realized that there was entirely too much information to comfortably maintain ‘make the complex simple’.

Our goal is not to induce brain leakage over a weekend workshop. By requiring you to take #protectthehuman first, you get a large chunk of material to immediately apply in practice and become comfortable with prior to the workshop. Nervvy will use all you learn in #protectthehuman and more.

High value. Less time.

I prioritize quality applicable information over time spent on delivery. I refuse to add fluff and filler or to discuss things that may not be as useful to your learning process simply to make my courses longer. I fully encourage those that want to dive down the depths of the rabbit hole to do so. However, for the 9 out of 10 others that want information they can use now, this is for you.

For the life of the course. As long as the course is live, you will have access. This means you will also have continued access if material changes or is updated as we grow.

At this time, we are not offering any form of Certification or Continuing Education credits.

With any of the online courses you have access to email support if needed.

After you take the Nervvy Workshop you will be added to our private Facebook group. The community of amazing people are just as excited as you are to continue to learn, explore, and help each other grow. Ask questions, receive guidance. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for the Nervvy Membership.

The Nervvy Membership is a paid annual subscription available to those that have completed the Nervvy Workshop. We don’t have advanced levels or modules, we have the Membership.

Signing up for the Membership gives you access to monthly Zoom meetings where we cover various topics and brainstorm cases with our colleagues. All lecture portion of the meetings are recorded and added to the website so you gain access to the vault of previous recordings. HiveMind discussions are not recorded so joining live is best!

You can cancel the Membership at any time and will be removed immediately, but will not be refunded for any remaining months.

Online Course Refund Policy. You can request a full refund, minus processing fees, within 7 days of purchase.

#protectthehuman Refund Policy. You can request a full refund, minus processing fees, at any time. You will be immediately removed from course access. Removal from #protectthehuman also removes your ability to take the Nervvy Workshop in the future. I do not want anyone within my community that is not 100% satisfied with this process.

Nervvy Workshop Refund Policy. You can request a full refund, minus processing fees, up to 15 days prior to the workshop. If you need to cancel within 14 days of the workshop you will receive a 75% refund.

Welcome, Expert Explorer.

Find out more about the Nervvy Workshop and the approach.