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Sensory input produces motor output. Nervvy uses sensorimotor feedback to trace down and restore neuroconnectivity where there is an imbalance. Working gently with the Systems encourages these imbalances to self-regulate and decrease the #protectthehuman responses. Nervvy is the foundation in practice and what I teach.

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Functional Muscle Testing

Also known as manual muscle testing, FMT is a incredibly useful tool as it opens up a pathway of communication with the Nervous System. Using movement and sensory input we can assess if the Nervous System processes the information successfully or if it has a neuroconnectivity issue which results in a delay.

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Is MMT Legit?


Neuromodifications are our way of decreasing hypersensitivity. Too much corrupted information going in creates too much corrupted information going out. This imbalance increases the feedback loop of pain. Our neuromods use direct stimulus of a spinal pathway and/or a gentle soft tissue method to ‘close the gates’.

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What to know about the Gate Control Theory of Pain.


The understanding of pain has continued to dive deeper into the human psyche. The simple fact is that we can not separate physical from mental or emotional pain and often one leads into the other. With advanced neuroemotional techniques we can use FMT to assess the subconscious mind to unravel these experiences further.

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Enter the Neuromatrix.

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