As your Therapist, my role is to help you make sense out of your unique pain experience.

I am here to help guide and support you in finding balance by discovering the missing pieces holding you back in your recovery, performance, and general well being. 

A Manual Manual Movement Therapist is a rare breed in the alternative and complementary healthcare world.

We are brain hacking, body tuning, movement refining, intuition following, mystery unraveling, curiosity driven, leap taking, hope strengthening, human supporting... Expert Explorers.

Manual Movement Therapist or MMT is a title I chose many years ago as I found myself struggling to describe what I do since it was so different from the traditional therapy route.

With MMT we understand that movement is how the body communicates. Symptoms are the result, not the problem. The body wants to show us the way, we simply need to listen and follow instructions.

Fun Facts

Thalassohpile. Pizza Aficionado. Destroyer of Movie Endings.

It's true. If you like suspense and surprise endings I encourage you to never watch a movie with me. My supreme puzzle solving skills transcend the treatment room. It's admittedly one of my most annoying qualities (of which there are many) that I must blurt out my plot line theories.

What I'm 


Watching my Large and Smol Spawn grow into absofrickinlutely amazing humans. Their accomplishments, ambitions, and epic sarcasm bring me pure joy.

What I'm 


To lean into stillness and accept ease. Deep listening to what is spoken silently and aloud. Embracing that sometimes better is better and that's enough.

What I'm 

not about

Clutter. Seriously it gives me anxiety. And hives. To my family's absolute dismay I might add. Not that it matters to them, but I have SCIENCE on my side with this one.

what I


We always have a choice. It may be between one bad and one worse, but it's still a choice. I also believe that the only thing we actually have any control over is ourselves.

Choose your own adventure

happiness is...



Swim              SEA
DRINK        WILD AIR.   

in the





With my desire to understand people and why we do the things we do, I took a deep dive into studying various branches of Psychology.

Certified Consulting Hypnotist
International Hypnosis Assoc.
Master NLP Practitioner
Certified Life Coach

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If you're into human connection, open conversations, and geeking out about all the neuronerdy things? You've come to the right place. 

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