about marissa macias

Manual Movement Therapist

Marissa Macias, MMT

I study humans and why we do the things we do. Studying the Nervous System and Psyche is like taking a trip through Wonderland. Still falling down the rabbit hole and have yet to reach the bottom.

There’s comfort in knowing that the more I know, the more I don’t know. That creates opportunity to learn, to fail forward, and to grow.

important Milestones

An evolutionary practice.


In the beginning my work involved NMT, Deep Tissue, and Myoskeletal Alignment.  


My desire to understand how the Nervous System dictated all took over.

Sharing Knowledge

I began teaching for the method that changed my practice forever.

it's not voodoo it's neuroscience
Nervvy Creation

I make the complex simple and help other Practitioners get Nervvy.

18 YR.


There’s something to be said for the hands-on experience.

1K +

Continuing Education

When you work with the human form you are forever a student.

Willingness to explore