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An Intestinal Twist and Cults?



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From the Embrace the Weird newsletter. Edition #42624.

“OMG, they’re going to think you’re starting a cult!”

No worries, friend. I’m not. Really. But when you’re out in Small Town Middle America, anything different is weird. And anything weird is going to take a minute or never to be accepted.

Just look at my past record with the amazing world that is Functional Neurology. 12-ish years since bringing this type of work to the Midwest and I’m still battling the stigma. 

But c’mon. Why play it safe, do the norm, or what’s expected when there’s so much cool stuff out there to explore?!?! BORING. 

Recently I completed the second half of the IFT Hypnosis course. Being the curious person I am, I looked to see if I could find anyone out here doing any kind of Hypnosis. Or even Hypnotherapy.

Yeah no. Nothing that anyone has listed anyway. Once again, it looks as if I’ll be introducing a new way of thinking, healing, and transforming lives. Probably earning the title of High Priestess of the Voodooscience Cult. 🙄

Anyway. The second half of class had us diving deeper into the subconscious to explore Life Themes. These are our Limiting Beliefs, our Blocks that we all annoyingly have.

I was excited about exploring the possibilities here!

The Intestinal Twist of Being TOO MUCH

My stomach was wrecked by the internal Deep Dive to see which of my own LTs I should address. Rude verification that I was indeed on the right path.

Is ‘too much’ hitting home for you too? Have you been told to ‘tone it down’? Maybe you can be a little extra at times? All of this.

Wait! There’s more! Lemme sprinkle in my lifelong pattern of being on the receiving end of backhanded compliments.

“You’re soooo (amazingly good thing here) it makes me (awful bad thing here)”.

Without nauseating you with the details, I believed that if I lived my life being ALL OF ME, unlimited, I would make others feel bad about themselves in some way.

Just imagine going through life feeling like you have to be less than to make sure others feel OK about themselves?!?!?!?

I mean what the actual f*ck. If you can imagine, because this is you too, maybe we should start a non-culty support group?

And yeah, all good little psych studiers know that we can’t ‘make’ anyone do or feel anything. It’s a THEM problem, not a me/us problem.

But when you don’t know those things, like… when we were kids!, it’s gonna stick with you. Limiting you. Blocking you from being all of you, the absofricking amazing human you are capable of.

It’s that small little voice in your head telling you to box yourself up. It’s the jerk on your shoulder, looking suspiciously like that one dude from middle school, telling you all the reasons why you’re not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, enough, ENOUGH.

And, well, screw that. If they want to choke on their insecurities, let them. Hand them a heaping spoon of you to hurry it along.

If you can’t tell, I’ve been feeling pretty good about it all. 😆

More to share soon. Until then… Be a good human.

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If you're into human connection, open conversations, and geeking out about all the neuronerdy things? You've come to the right place. 

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