The human body is wonderfully designed to keep you moving forward to get your essential needs. When you experience trauma the Nervous System will devise a strategy to help you through the healing process. Our Systems will continue to load these strategies until they become overwhelmed. As these compensations outlive their purpose the body can no longer adapt or self-regulate so pain and movement issues become standard.

Just because there's nothing broken or to 'fix' doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

What you're feeling is real

— Self-care is vital in your active recovery. I will teach you to apply effective soft tissue work to reduce sensitivity and you will learn to move into and out of pain in a safe, non-threatening way. 

— Gentle neuromods are applied to decrease hypersensitive responses creating neuroconnectivity issues. 

— Functional Muscle Testing and Sensorimotor Feedback traces imbalances. 

— We will assess your Nervous System for protective responses and its' ability to process appropriately.

— Together we will go over a detailed health history and how your current experience is affecting you.

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