Looking for a Targeted Treatment Approach?

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This work is deeply influenced by neuroscience, psychology, and kinesiology to reduce pain, improve movement, and enhance overall well-being.

It's all about threats and balances.

Everything you've ever experienced, no matter how small or insignificant, has brought you to where you are right now.

When injury or some form of trauma occurs the Nervous System evaluates the threat and creates a compensation strategy to keep you going while you heal. Where things go sideways is when we get stuck in those compensation patterns. It creates a feedback loop where the past injury is still sending threat signals to the brain and the brain is creating more compensation strategies to balance it out. The result is often chronic pain and movement issues. 

real results

"Do not hesitate! Go now! You will be glad you did. It is worth the time and effort!"

I had a plate installed almost 6 years ago. I never regained as much range as was expected. I have so much more range of motion now. She has helped with many other areas also. I have recommended her therapies so many times! Movement and emotional health improved!

- Linda


"Addressed cause and not just symptoms."

Cannot say enough great things about this practitioner. She has replaced all other types of therapy for me & I feel better than I have in years. 

- Susan


How it works


Functional Muscle Testing reveals imbalances within the Systems.


Neurostimulus and Manual Therapy reduces threat sensitivity.


Improved information is processed and adapted for better recovery.

Real talk...

It's not voodoo, it's Neuroscience.

A vast amount of nerve receptors are gathering information from internal and external sources. This information is transferred through the spinal cord for processing in the brain. The brain decides what to do with the information. When things aren't processed well, faulty signals keep the brain on high alert to threat. Our goal is to reduce threat, improve processing, and restore balance.

Neurostimulus combined with soft tissue therapy is how we assess and treat the receptors creating threat. It is not traditional treatment so it seems like magic or voodoo.



Commit to 3-5 sessions to explore what this work can do for you.


Be open minded to a non-traditional treatment approach.


Understand that you are doing the healing and I am only a helper.


Are willing to put in the work required to help yourself.

this is for you.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable



The Process


Initial Session

Our first session involves mapping out a detailed health history, goal setting, assessments, and treatment.


Follow Ups

Retesting our previous patterns and discovering what other faulty patterns are contributing to your issue.


Ongoing Butt-Kicking

Putting in the work to help yourself helps retrain the brain and establish new patterns to reduce symptoms.

Is MMT Right

Quite simply it's either going to work for you or it's not. It would be foolish to give you a guarantee on the outcome with so many unknown factors. It takes time, effort, and commitment to the process. The difference here is that you should be experiencing changes within 3-5 sessions. 

If you've tried everything and haven't tried this, it's worth the effort.

for me?


Ready to start?

I can't wait to help you level up and show you what you're capable of. Visit the online schedule to book.

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