Your Systems are always working in your best interest. When it presents with imbalances, there is always a root cause. Everything that has happened in your life has brought you to where you are now. If it affected part of you, it affected all of you. This Nervous System First framework understands that humans are multi-faceted beings with unique individual experiences. All experiences are considered to discover the root cause.

Your experience is yours and nobody else can feel it the way you do.

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Available to Nervvy practitioners only. Online consults with patients to get an extra set of eyes and some new insight to help guide you through your more difficult cases.



Modern pain science acknowledges that physical pain and mental or emotional pain are closely intertwined and can not be separated from one another.

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Manual Movement Therapy can be beneficial for a vast number of diagnoses, injuries, surgeries, sport enhancement, preventative measures, and general well being.

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I understand that one major nerve can wreak havoc on multiple body systems. I no longer react with panic and do things that exasperate the situation, but rather I am aware of the connections and become mindful of my movements and body posture. 

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This was an incredible experience. Marissa was very professional and fun. I left there with a greater awareness of my body, less pain and more energy. I am thoroughly intrigued by the process and so happy; for the first time in many years my body is relaxed. So thankful.



I was referred by a family member and drove 2 hrs to get treatment from Marissa. It was worth the drive. In addition to her impressive technique she is also great at explaining it to you along the way. I highly recommend her and this treatment!

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