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The Mission is Simple: Reconnect Body + Mind

Discover the tools and mindset shifts needed so you can get back to living the life you love.

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Manual Movement Therapy embraces a fully holistic approach. This work can be beneficial for a vast number of diagnoses, injuries, surgeries, sport enhancement, preventative measures, and general well being. 

insight + education

movement + muscle Testing

Soft Tissue Therapies

Mindset + Neuroemotional Shifts

MMT: Functional Neurology Sessions

Highly advanced therapy. Treatments involve a combination of movement and muscle testing, manual therapy, and self-care guidance.

Neurosomatic Mapping

This gentle protocol helps you understand how your past, present, and perceived experiences influence your current situation.

Hey there, problem solver. I've been there. You learned a bunch of cool stuff, but could use a little guidance on where to start and how to improve. Or you need some help with those tough client cases. I got you.

I'm an outlier, a black sheep in the healthcare world.

My ability to think outside the box and operate outside the norms of a traditional treatment approach is entirely to your benefit.


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"This was an incredible experience."

Marissa is professional, fun and so gifted! If you are curious or not sure, make the appointment! Your body will thank you. This is the best I have slept, my body feels relaxed, and I feel free of the heaviness of life. I wish I knew of this sooner …. It’s magical!

— Alicia

"Unique holistic approach that was new to me and is based on the nervous system."

Did not take long for Marissa to be dialed into problem areas in addition to supplemental areas where the body was overcompensating. The process was beneficial and I saw results quickly!

— Brett 

"I call Marissa the body whisperer."

She always manages to make me feel better. Each visit I feel rebalanced when I leave her. It may be difficult to explain what Marissa does. What I would say is she gets my brain and body talking and working together.

— Mary

Think we might be a fit?

My practice is a relaxed, respectful, non-judgmental space for all ages, body types, religions, race/ethnicity, gender identities, sexual orientations, cultures, and disabilities. All are welcome here.

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