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We’re alternative for a reason. Many reasons, in fact. Thinking outside the box is our norm and we color outside of the lines. Hell, we’ve drawn our own damn picture to color, thank you very much. The masses of people that are chronically in pain and whose once shiny hope has blackened around the edges seek us out for these reasons. They want different, they want alternative, because normal isn’t taking care of what’s broken.

In practice we’re on point. We’re going to tumble through the labyrinth of Alice’s tunnel and reach into the depths of Pandora’s Box to find a solution to help you. What you bring to the table is our sole focus. Something to keep in mind is that we were broken too.

The Acupuncturist who helps you balance your Chi or energy flow every week has their own imbalances that they’ve been working on their whole life. The Spiritual Healer that helps you find your truth has sought their own. The Massage Therapist has abused their body and found relief through the skilled hands of other Therapists. The Chiropractor found the secret to unlocking their bodies through gentle manipulations. The Herbalist was healed through nature’s gift of plants, vowing to concoct remedies in purest form for all who open themselves to the practice.

We Bear The Scars Of Wars And Triumphs

The continuous loop of chaos and calm rages through our daily lives as it does with you. We understand that choosing to soak in a hot bath with a libation or herb of choice may be what keeps one sane. Don’t judge us for being as human as you.

We were broken too. We picked up the pieces, super glued that shit together, and bound the whole thing in duct tape. Staying broken is not an option and we each find our own ways to mend.

Trauma bares your soul and throws you to your knees. Your darkest parts, those decaying pieces of supposed strength and bravery are exposed to the light. Everything you thought you were capable of is challenged. Healing is fecking messy, raw, leaving scraped parts bruised and angry. You find out who you are, what you’re made of, and what you’re capable of.

Trauma comes in many forms. Emotional Trauma can leave unseen scars that pull and pucker, shaping our entire lives without conscious thought. Neuroemotional interventions wash off the remnants of labels, grievances, and streaks of mud running down our faces; allowing us to shed our masks, be beautiful, messy, uninhibited, daring to be perfectly imperfect.

We Hold The Secret To Healing

This is the understanding and the knowing that none of us are truly broken. We each have everything available to us, all the tools necessary to empower our own healing, if we seek out the opportunities to do so.

That is why we choose to be who we are, to do what we do. To help empower you in this process. We are ready. We are waiting. We are here for you when you choose it.

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If you're into human connection, open conversations, and geeking out about all the neuronerdy things? You've come to the right place. 

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