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You’ve done everything that you were supposed to do. You’ve seen the Doctors and the Specialists, taken all the meds that they’ve dished out, and now you’re medicating the side effects.

You’ve tried physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, crystal healing, chakra cleansing, aura fluffing, essential oil raining, yoga, pilates, meditation, past life regression, anything and everything to feel better. Through these unconventional methods you’ve received short term relief.

Yet the pain and frustration of your situation keeps returning. Your pain is real and it’s not your imagination.

I Don’t Fix You And Our Interventions Don’t Equal Cures

Generally, by the time clients get to my office they have been through the wringer. They have tried numerous other therapies, both traditional and explorative, they have gone through numerous testing procedures to rule out red flags. Some have been dubbed ‘medical mysteries’. Quite honestly, they are done with it all.

They want answers and results. They’ve been referred here by other Health Practitioners, family, friends, or co-workers and have been told to expect the unexpected. They have seen and heard amazing stories of healing and recovery. (no it’s not voodoo)

Unfortunately, this praise can lead to some unrealistic expectations.

What you are experiencing is unlike anyone else. You are unlike anyone else. No matter the similarities, you are a unique individual with a lifetime of experiences influencing where you are currently. From physical sickness and injuries to mental and emotional traumas and the adapted coping mechanisms; these are all unique to your living experience.

This means that your healing process is also going to be unlike anyone else. Where some may recover and progress quickly, you may take twice as long to get to a place where your new normal becomes an acceptable living experience.

Don’t Look Back, You’re Not Going That Way

How many times have you injured yourself, or gained a few pounds, or changed careers, or said something maybe you shouldn’t have and then stated, “I wish things would go back to how they used to be.”? Or, “I wish I could get my life back.”

It is impossible to travel in reverse. There is no going back. The only journey through is forward. It is necessary to create opportunity for growth to move through the discomfort into a space where your systems work with you instead of against you.

What if all this pain and frustration is actually caused by how things used to be? Perhaps your way of moving, your adaptation to stresses in your life, have brought you to where you are now. Does it make sense to want to go back to where you were? What life are you getting back if it leads to the same outcome?

Meet yourself where you’re at, wherever that may be, and put all your focus and energy into moving forward.

Simple Steps Done Consistently Create Change

Education. Learn everything you can about the current understanding of pain. Becoming knowledgeable about the subject can take away a lot of the mystery and fear surrounding it. It’s a true source of empowerment.

Therapeutic Alliance. Create your team of health and fitness professionals to support and help guide you in your journey. Set clear goals and have realistic expectations of desired outcomes.

Self-Care. It takes hard work and commitment to oneself to create change. 99% of your active recovery is going to happen outside of the treatment room. You are responsible for you.

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If you're into human connection, open conversations, and geeking out about all the neuronerdy things? You've come to the right place. 

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