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The Difference Between Inner Freedom Technique and Neurosomatic Mapping



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With the new kid on the block, many of you are already questioning what the difference is between the Neurosomatic Mapping you’re familiar with and Inner Freedom Technique. Let’s dive into the weird, shall we?

Neurosomatic Mapping

This is the OG neuroemotional processing I created and have used in session for 10 or so years now. The technique is a blend of different modalities where I felt something could be tweaked to be more efficient for our purpose.

We address the emotional holding patterns of the body. You know, those Psychosomatic pain attachments that are very real and most definitely not in your imagination.

Using Indicator Muscle verification we discover there is an emotional component associated with your current issue. Each step from here is only assessed and corrected when the Systems indicate that it is safe to do so. Through a line of questioning we are able to discover if there are other associated issues that need to be resolved prior to the main issue.

We test which eye vector (ala EMDR via Applied Kinesiology) is associated with the experience. By testing eye vectors we can hone in on a past visual, a past sound, tone, something heard or overheard, and your internal dialogue or the voice in your head. They can hone in on how something kinesthetically feels or felt as well as imagined sound or conversations not yet had. And, my favorite, IMAGINATION THEATER! This is what we imagine or see our future to be. We all do this one and it’s not a problem until it’s a problem, because we start to expect or anticipate it becoming our reality. Could go either way there.

After the appropriate eye vector is established we pair up what I call Organ Energy Psychology or OEP for short. Organs are ridiculously interesting. They have associated muscle patterns, energetic patterns found in TCM meridian therapy, and they hold emotional charges. This is why you feel your stomach knot when worried or stressed or your chest ache with grief. It’s a whole thing.

If you’re into it, we try to find out what age this experience occurred and in what context. Sometimes you know immediately what it was. Other times you have no clue and we are able to ask your Subconscious mind if we need to know exactly what it is in order to help release it. Usually we don’t.

These corrections generally help shift the emotional issues into neutral territory. People generally feel lighter and less triggered by things they never realized were associated with their current experience.

Inner Freedom Technique

Inner Freedom Technique (IFT) is hypnosis-based consulting. In a hypnotic state your Subconscious Mind is ready to go to work. I’ll say it again louder for those that don’t quite get it, your subconscious mind is the record keeper of your entire life. It keeps the score in order to predict, protect, and progress. Those little blips at the edge of your awareness is your subconscious mind at work.

IFT helps you to release all the negative emotional charges around your difficult experiences. I can say from personal experience it helps to neutralize the event. You can easily think back on it and no longer experience the crushing weight of emotion attached to it.

You make your list of feelings, worries, patterns, beliefs, and difficult experiences that you’ve had throughout your life that continue to ‘trigger’ you when thinking about them that you would like to resolve. We discuss your goals, how you would like to feel when all of this is resolved, and what you would like to accomplish through the work. And then you decide the order of importance. By choosing one or two things to work through each session we can flush out deeper causes more fully. As things begin to shift in your life, these will also shift and change. You may find that other experiences that you thought needed to be released no longer feel problematic.

Have you ever heard of guided relaxation? Have you ever used a guided meditation? This is bringing you into a hypnotic state. And we fully use this to our advantage to get you into a relaxed state where your subconscious mind is ready to do the work.

We use Ideomotor Signaling by designating a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ finger instead of Indicator Muscle Testing. This part is really interesting. When you want to respond to a question or a statement, you will raise the appropriate finger. But it’s a bit deeper than that. Natch. The correct finger should feel very light and easy to lift. And it’s almost a sensing that the finger is the right one to raise, because it feels so easy. If your monkey mind tries to get in the way to force a response it should feel difficult. And that’s not really helping you anyway. You’re here for the help, so let’s let you help yourself.

A thorough line of questioning is used to help guide you through the process. With each question, your subconscious mind has the opportunity to release and resolve these experiences. Known and unknown. My favorite way this was explained is that we are essentially entering a search into your subconscious browser. We are Google. The search pulls up everything that could possibly be what you are looking for and filters through info in order to get you what you need. Filter, refine, filter, find and resolve. Clear the browser. And how cool is that!?!?!!

Just like with Neurosomatic Mapping, people tend to feel lighter, calmer, less charged or triggered by life’s inane button pushers. It goes deeper though. IFT helps you to break through life long beliefs that have been blocking you from being who you want to be. Sounds a bit like an old school late night infomercial, but it’s legit. Your true potential is revealed as you break free from the things keeping you small.


Neurosomatic Mapping is a hands-on technique. We are actively searching for connections to resolve. Inner Freedom Technique is more powerful and relies on the subconscious mind releasing all known and unknown experiences. IFT is more often done on Zoom and is available worldwide. Neither one is used to address or treat diagnosed mental health issues, but both are a fantastic complementary resource for those treatment plans.

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