Is it Normal to Feel Emotional?

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You’ve been dealing with a lot of stress, pain, and movement issues for a hot minute. The ongoing struggle has started to effect your life in numerous ways. You’re struggling with balancing personal and work tasks and your relationships have started to become effected by it as well. It feels like everything is harder than it should be and nothing you’ve been doing seems to help get you out of it.

Now, imagine that you’ve just spilled out all of the above and likely a lot more detailed than you expected to divulge (you’re on a roll and just can’t stop) in addition to all of your health history to your new Therapist. The Therapist has been listening intently all the while taking detailed notes of your story and the narrative surrounding your experience.

And then this happens. After a few assessments your new Therapist gives you detailed education and insight into how your body is responding and why that could be the case. You sit there taking it all in and keep thinking, “Yes. Yes that’s exactly how it feels. It makes so much sense.” With your sudden understanding and a few interventions by the Therapist there’s a noticeable shift. There’s mental clarity you haven’t experienced in awhile. Your body suddenly eases into a letting go. Sitting there, feeling all the feelings, you have to ask a question that so many others have asked before.

Is it Normal to Feel Emotional?

Absolutely. One of my favorite parts of my work is being able to tell people they’re not crazy. You feel what you feel. Your experience is YOUR experience and unlike any others. Being able to share your story, have someone listen, and then feel immediate change is an incredibly emotional experience. Full stop.

I have quite a few clients that will come in and talk for the first half of their session. Simply feeling heard goes a long way in the recovery process. It’s about making connections to find solutions. But perhaps more importantly, it’s all about human connection.

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