Should I panic and come in if something feels ‘off’?

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So, you woke up and have no clue what you did, “probably slept on it wrong”, and are experiencing a weird pain. Or you did something rather questionable and are now in a complete panic that you screwed something up.

WTFAQ: Should I panic and come in if something feels ‘off’?

Therapist Answer: How bad is it really? Oh the dreaded questioning the question. You are the only one that can judge the reality of your pain. If you think it warrants an emergency session, that’s entirely your decision.

BUT. Oh yeah, it’s coming.

No, you shouldn’t panic and you are probably going to be just fine until your next scheduled session. Unless something is broken, torn, or hanging off your body, in which case you should be going to the ER and not worrying about your motor control patterns at this particular moment. There are more vital things to attend to, obviously.

Your body is expertly designed to adapt and self-regulate. It’s what it does. An injury occurs and your body quickly creates a compensation pattern to keep you moving forward. The ‘slept on it wrong’ phenomenon is usually a pattern that has outlived its’ purpose and is now letting you know that you need to change things up. Think back over the last 24 hours and see if you can identify your pattern. Not only will this little exploration help YOU, it will help me when we do see each other again.

Instead of panicking do what you know how to do to make things feel good. Do the tissue work I’ve taught you in your sessions to self-treat. Gently move into the edge of pain and slowly back out with breathing exercises. Stretch, ice, heat, roll it, put a ball in it, meditate, medicate, CBD, THC, do you. Literally anything and everything that you have in your arsenal is fair game. As long as it’s not hurting you or anyone else, of course.

Send me a message. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve walked a client through some simple steps through messages that decreased their pain and improved their movements. Not to mention calmed their minds and empowered them to retake control.

You don’t need to depend on someone else to help, but you also don’t need to suffer. If after a few days things still feel off, let’s get you on the schedule. Emergency Sessions for current clients are available offline. Reach out, but I’m going to ask if you’ve utilized your options first.

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