Do I really have to do the homework?

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For many, the word ‘homework’ elicits a visceral reaction. Images of late nights being frustrated and stressed out start dancing in your head. So, naturally, when you see a Therapist and they recommend a self-care plan for you to complete at home there is a slight aversion.

WTFAQ: Do I Really Have To Do The Homework?

Therapist Short Answer: No.

Therapist Long Answer: If you want to progress past your current situation, yes. Therapists like myself have a specific framework that is followed and advised. The results achieved by these processes have provided information to know what generally works for most. Not all, obviously, since everyone is unique and there is no blanket thing to help the masses. But MOST as in the odds are highly in your favor to make incredible changes if you do the homework.

Therapists know that regression is a key component to progression. We give you an activity that often resembles something that you already do in your daily activities. The point being that the movement is regressed, unloaded, a simplified version to help you, I don’t know…


Not yelling. Stressing. It needs to be stressed.

Reeducation And Retraining

Please understand that it is a reeducation and retraining process. The body gets stuck in patterns of trauma from previous injury. It forgets that there is a better way of moving when it has been relying on these patterns for so long. It has quite literally trained itself into these trauma patterns.

A Therapist’s purpose is to help identify these patterns. We discover where things went sideways, reeducate the Systems to work more efficiently, and begin the optimized movement retraining process with you doing the homework.

I don’t know about you, but it makes sense to me that if my body has trained itself to move within a trauma pattern, that I can reeducate and retrain it out of one. Therapy is 1% of recovery. 99% happens outside of the treatment room.

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